The Rules of Magic: A Novel

When she turned 17, Franny Owens, according to family custom, was summoned from her Manhattan home to the Owens homestead in Massachusetts. It was time for Aunt Isabelle to instruct her in her family heritage – witchcraft. Those who do not enjoy sci-fi or fantasy need not worry, this beautifully written family saga transcends genre. In this prequel to Practical Magic, Hoffman introduces readers to the Owens family whose history dates to colonial era New England and whose powers create fear and suspicion in the community. Over the course of about 50 years, the reader follows Franny and her siblings Jet and Vincent as they deal with who they are and grapple with its affects on their relationships. I found the love stories of the three, particularly Franny and Hay, especially compelling. Readers won’t soon forget these vivid and fully realized characters.