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Book Lovers Card
For every $15. you spend, we stamp your card.

10 stamps equals 
$10 OFF your next purchase total
There is no registration fee and no computerized record of your individual 

Special Orders
We are happy to order books that are not in stock but are still in print.
We order and receive books daily, and keep you updated if your books are not available in the current week.

We ship via UPS and charge a $6.00 handling fee in addition to the UPS 
shipping charge.
There is no charge for mailing gift certificates.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are available in any amount, are valid indefinitely.

Gift Wrap
Due to having to staff a gift-wrapping "elf," and the increased cost of 
paper, we will be charging $1.00 per book to wrap this holiday season.
Sale books and calendars cannot be wrapped.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress and Discover
 charge cards. 

Local Author Opportunity 
If you are a Connecticut shoreline author and would like to submit your book for possible consignment please direct inquiries to 
attention Liza