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Noble Pursuit: Cole's Story (The New American Royals #2)

Noble Pursuit: Cole's Story (The New American Royals #2)

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Publication Date: February 7th, 2018
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Cole Harrington is a gifted trauma surgeon with a cocky smile and a whole lot of swagger. Breaking hospital rules has always been his specialty. But after he smashes the thermostat in the operating room to smithereens, he's assigned an executive coach to monitor his out-of-control behavior. Alexa Petersen is a nice girl from Minnesota who's been tasked with shadowing the naughty trauma surgeon and writing a report to end his promising career. While she might prefer pretty lace panties, Alexa's not afraid to slip on a pair of steel-toed boots when Cole needs to be knocked down a notch or two. Hospital drama and small-town woes, the truth obscured by secrets and lies, where nothing is as it appears-not even Cole and Alexa.